LDH kitchen

We, Treasure encounters with people. We, Treasure the spirit of hospitality.

With “Love Dream Happiness” as our philosophy, we bring together the theme of “Made in JAPAN” with ingredients, craftspeople, and producers from all over Japan through the platform LDH kitchen.

We want to approach Japan's unique culture and it’s four seasons, passed down from time and different viewpoints,
to connect the people, things and cultures that do not normally meet. We hope to discover new things about Japanese culture through the study of the past.

LDH kitchen will work with those producers all across Japan to take on a project entitled LDH kitchen WALKABOUT 47. JAPAN.

People, objects, intangible things. Connecting points all across Japan
Work taken on by LDH kitchen


ABOUT LDH kitchen

Meals as Entertainment.
Bringing Japanese food culture to the World.

At LDH kitchen, our proposal is Entertainment in pursuit of "food" and "beauty" and a hospitable atmosphere that our customers can enjoy.