Meals as Entertainment.
Bringing Japanese food culture to the World.

Meals as Entertainment.
Bringing Japanese food culture to the World.

ABOUT LDH kitchen

At LDH kitchen, we believe that entertainment is in the pursuit of "food" and "beauty"
And a hospitable atmosphere that our customers can enjoy.

With Love Dream Happiness as our philosophy,
We would like to gather dreamers from the world of food and drink, and revitalize the world of craftsmanship
In order to protect Japan's food culture, we feel that it’s important to hand down our skills to the next generation.
We provide the people employed as staff at LDH kitchen with an environment and system that allows them to work hard toward their dreams.


  • Bemyself

    Real "beauty" is made from the inside.
    A space that allows you to be at your most simple.

    be my self
  • Izakaya Sanbai

    Inside a vibrant open space kitchen, Izakaya Sanbai provides customers with a classic feel and vibe delivering expertly crafted dishes, prepared openly in a warm wooden interior.
    A variety of Japanese sakes are served in this comfortable, welcome space and customers leave feeling refreshed.

    居酒屋 三盃
  • Toriyoshi

    An elegant, refined Yakitori Restaurant in Ebisu.

     Upon climbing an intricately designed building in the heart of Ebisu customers are welcomed through a tradition Japanese sliding glass door, which clicks surely open.
    To reserve the elegance of the space only high quality hinoki wood based counter seats are available.
     Prepared before your eyes Yakitori is served and deliciously fragrances the restaurant.
    In addition, to specially selected ingredients, Alcoholic beverages are carefully chosen to compliment and share a unique experience with guests at Toriyoshi

  • Nishikoori

    A "SOBA SHOP" but not confined to the definition of a Soba Shop.
    Take in ALL the atmosphere around you.
    "I want to enjoy delicious food and drink refreshing Japanese liquor."
    When these feelings emerge step into our Soba Shop and dine.

  • Torimasa

     Representing Miyazaki, the delicious cuisine evokes images of a green tunnel, wrapping customers in a calming atmosphere in which they may enjoy their food.
     Opening the door, customers are seated across a “Japanese modern” counter among a delectable and familiar Yakitori smell.
     All ingredients are cultivated in Miyazaki and match the carefully aligned liquor.
    Torimasa’s carefully designed atmosphere provides a relaxing and serene escape.

  • Torigura

     Loved for over 30 years, Torigura takes inspiration from its home in Osaka.
    Facing a new challenge and launching in Ebisu Japan, Torigura wanted guests to enjoy their unique brand of Chicken and we take pride that our Chefs know just how to get it right.
    Originating as the “taste of the common man” Torigura knows how important it is to stay true to their roots while still elevating Yakitori to a fine dining experience.


    AMAZING coffee and AMAZING hospitality
    Our philosophy gives rise to thank you culture and overflowing smiles.
    We want to be an intimate part of YOUR life as AMAZING COFFEE.
    That is our wish.


     Curry Restaurant "Inoue Chimpanzee" adopts the culture and theme of "Evolution" with an amazing blend of 10 spices, and mildness backed with a spicy bite, the restaurant proudly sells their own unique original curry blend.
     In the heart of fashionable Nakameguro, the restaurant brings the comforts of an everyday style shop and cafe together to leave a lasting impression.

  • Iemura

     Taking a note from the famous "Oragamura" restaurant in Miyazaki, Iemura provides guests the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and cuisine themed and centered on the food landscapes of Miyazaki, Japan in Tokyo. The cozy adult atmosphere creates a moment of rest and relaxation.

     Although comprised of a simple menu guests recall the fresh, delicious flavours and return for their favourite dishes. With a menu typically only available in Oragamura (Miyazaki) Chef’s have undergone training to remain true to the course and serve guests delicious regional cuisine.

  • Tsuchida

     The magnificent blessings of nature, and the living ingredients grown wholeheartedly by producers. The restaurant owners themselves have carefully selected ingredients that are safe, secure and full of energy from all over Japan.
     We deliver the seasonal blessings of the earth from the "Vegetable Field Tsuchida".


    Delicate and Charming creations blended to create the
    Ultimate Masterpiece
    Sushi crafted utilizing the simplest of techniques while still maintaining
    The power of each ingredient.
    Large grained rice, finished with a touch of red vinegar and salt serves as the bed for Sushi at Tsubomi
    Precise calculations have been made to ensure that this “Sushi Rice” stays atThe optimal temperature
    Our Sushi will be known the world over. Guided by the happiness it brings to everyone.

  • Kohana

    Japanese cuisine elevated by "Dashi," releasing the flavor of the each season What is "Dashi," at Kohana
    Shimmering golden brown, marinated with Shipjack tuna and the finest kelp to form our "Ichiban Dashi,"
    We combine the finest seasonal ingredients to create our "Ichiban Dashi"
    Emphasizing the taste, aroma, flavor and spirit of each ingredient our "Ichiban Dashi" is the perfect complement to each dish, resulting in the perfect meal.


    LDH kitchen THE TOKYO HANEDA is a live house/restaurant that provides premium entertainment.
    With Haneda evolving to a new epicenter of culture, our restaurant is a luxury place where you can enjoy great music. Haneda Airport is evolving from a “place you have to stop” to a “place you want to stay”.
    Our menu consists of selected dishes from all the LDH restaurants as well as exclusive iconic dishes and deserts.
    The restaurant is also the 5th branch of AMAZING COFFEE.
    You can enjoy fantastic views of whole different universes through the restaurants’ wide windows depending on the time you visit it.



“enjoy”“eat” as a single “event”

The “eat” that everyone does every day.
The “enjoy” of a meal that we think is delicious!
With these two “e”’s as a single “event”, we provide an abundance of HAPPINESS.
The feeling of elation we experienced at ‘festivals’ when we were children.
The aromas drifting from the food cooked in a stall right in front of you
Nostalgic memories that remain in the corner of everyone’s mind
I would like to carefully hand down these spaces where such wonderful time was spent...

"food entertainment" that remains a part of everyone’s senses.

We want to deliver smiles that last forever and memories that remain in the heart

LDH kitchen

Our approach

We, Treasure encounters with people. We, Treasure the spirit of hospitality.

With “Love Dream Happiness” as our philosophy, we bring together the theme of “Made in JAPAN” with ingredients, craftspeople, and producers from all over Japan through the platform LDH kitchen.

We want to approach Japan's unique culture and it’s four seasons passed down from time and different viewpoints,
to connect the people, things and cultures that do not normally meet. We hope to discover new things about Japanese culture through the study of the past.
LDH kitchen will work with those producers all across Japan to take on a project entitled LDH kitchen WALKABOUT 47. JAPAN.
People, objects, intangible things. Connecting points all across Japan
Work guided by LDH kitchen